BỘ CHUYỂN ĐÔI QUANG ĐIỆN 10/100M, 10/100/1000M
Bộ chuyển đổi quang điện Singlemode WT-8110S
WT/CHINA Bộ chuyển đổi quang điện Singlemode WT-8110S
Mã sản phẩm : WT-8110S
Xuất xứ : China
Giao diện quang : SC, LC
Bộ chuyển đổi quang điện Singlemode WT-8110S

is a 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX media converter, which features LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) function for easily tracing the network link failure. LFP function can enhance the integrity and conformity of the TP-Fiber linking to improve the maintainability of the network. OPT-1300 is powered through external power adapter or uses power from USB port on the hosting device such as PC or NB. This unique idea of using USB port power offers great flexibility when deploying this converter. Five LEDs are provided to monitor the operation status of the converter and the DIP Switch on the side panel is used to set the required working configurations to meet various applications.OPT-1300 can be used as a standalone unit or as a slide-in module to  OPT-R14 converter rack (up to 14 units) for use at a central wiring closet.
  Key Features

■LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) Function
■Power from External Power Adapter or from USB port
■Choice of SC, ST or LC connector for multimode and single mode 
■DIP Switch to set configurations
■Supports packet length up to 1536 bytes
■RoHS Compliance
  Technical Specification

■Standard Compliance: IEEE802.3u 10/100Base-TX, 100Base-FX 
■Data Transfer Rate
   ■100Mbps:148,800 pps
   ■10Mbps:14,880 pps
■Buffer Memory: 128K
   ■RJ-45: 10/100Mbps (Auto-negotiation)
   ■ST/SC/LC: 100Mbps
   ■TP: Cat.5 (Support distance up to 100m)
   ■Fiber (M-M):50/125,2.5/125,100/140£gm(Support distance up to 2Km)
   ■Fiber (S-M):8.3/125,8.7/125,9/125,100/125£gm (Support distance up to 100Km)
■Flow Control
   ■IEEE802.3x compliant for full-duplex
   ■Backpressure flow control for half-duplex

■LED Indicator
LED Color Function
FX LNK/ACT Green Lit when both fiber & TP connection are good
Blink when fiber data is present
FX FDX/COL Amber Lit when full-duplex mode is active Off when half-duplex mode is active Blink when collision is present
TX LNK/ACT Green Lit when TP connection is good Blink when TP data is receiving
TX 100 Green Lit when TP speed is 100Mbps
Off when TP speed is 10Mbps
POWER Green Lit when 5V power is coming up

■DIP Switch Function
1 TP port mode Auto (default) or Force
2 TP port speed 100 or 10 when TP at Force
3 TP port duplex FDX or HDX when TP at Force
4 LFP LFP enabled (default) or disabled
5 Fiber port duplex 100 FDX (default) or 100 HDX

■Power Requirement:1A@+5VDC from AC-DC Adapter
■Operation Temperature:0~50°C 
■Dimensions: 26.2(H) x 70.3(W) x 94(D) mm
■Weight: 0.2kg
■Certification: FCC Part 15 Class A & CE Mark

 Model No.                      Description
 OPT-1300  10/100M   Multi-mode   1310nm   2km 
 OPT-1300S20  10/100M   Single-mode   1310nm   20km 
 OPT-1300S30  10/100M   Single-mode   1310nm   30km 
 OPT-1300S40  10/100M   Single-mode   1310nm   40km 
 OPT-1300S60  10/100M   Single-mode   1310nm   60km 
 OPT-1300S100  10/100M   Single-mode   1550nm   100km 
 OPT-1300S120  10/100M   Single-mode   1550nm   120km 
 OPT-1300WA/B25  10/100M   Single-mode   WDM   1310/1550nm   25km 
 OPT-1300WA/B40  10/100M   Single-mode   WDM   1310/1550nm   40km 
 OPT-1300A/B80  10/100M   Single-mode   WDM   1310/1550nm   80km 

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